2018 Signing Day Preview Clemson has a lot on the Table

Clemson DB prospect and Missouri native Mario Goodrich III is one of Clemson's "wish list" players tomorrow

Here we are again on the doorstep of the 2018 February signing day. A chance for Clemson to put the final touches to it's 2018 Class. Already sitting at 15 committed and signed prospects with nine (9) of those already on campus and taking part in winter conditioning drills and soon to be Spring Practice.

The time has flown by since the early signing period that saw the bulk of the Tigers 2018 class already jump on board and claim to be "All In". With a few needs and the added space on the roster that early attrition to the NFL and transfers can provide.... the Tigers still have their needs at DB,OL, and WR that are being sought here in the last hours of the '18 class .

With the likes of 5 star WR Justyn Ross, OL Richard Gouriage, DB's Mario Goodrich, Leon O'Neal, Patrick Surtain, and Trevon Flowers and Linebacker Dax Holliefield all ready to pledge this week.

As it stands here is where we feel the Tigers stand with each prospect .

Justyn Ross:

Its a 2 team race with a third team just there for the aesthetics of the event. It's truly down to Clemson and Alabama with Auburn outside looking in. Alabama has gained a lot of momentum in this recruitment over the winter months. With Ross' Clemson official coming in late November for the Citadel game, has left a lot of time and space for things to get clouded and that they have . With the Crimson Tide's ascending to the top of the College football world, to the leading WR for the in state Tide declaring early entry into the NFL making instant playing time a factor. Clemson has been in constant contact and lead recruiter Jeff Scott and Coach Todd Bates..... who covers the state for the staff, have been in to visit the Phenix City star as well as Coach Swinney.... who just made his last ditch pitch over the past few days with all day stop there earlier in the week with stops at Ross' school, mothers work and in home that night.

If you ask us, today as we go into this signing day its Alabama that is ringing true here, word has it Proximity and a lot of local influence has the Crimson Tide leading here. Toss in Calvin Ridley's timing to declare for the NFL and there is what we see moving forward here. Clemson is still a factor and we are not making a projection either way but if we put it in percentages.... Well its as of today 60% Alabama and 40% Clemson.

2/6 UPDATE: hearing from an inside source in the state of Alabama close to Justyn that Clemson may be happy. But again that is one of many sources and so far that is the only one I have seen pointing at the Tigers. Things getting real interesting here. STAY TUNED!

Richard Gouriage:

The big time lineman from Florida is still committed to the Gators and its down to the Tigers of Clemson, the instate Gators and Auburn for the big fella. And it looks like the Gators are going to keep the big man instate as the new staff has shored u

p their commitment and Gouriage's family has let it be known as far as they are concerned distance is a factor.

Another player that really loved his Clemson visit in January. And was given a lot to think about. But looks like the in state Gators and new coach Dan Mullen are going to get mama's wishes and keep the All- American Tackle at home.

Courage we predict will stick with the Gators.

The Defensive Backs:

Patrick Surtain :

It's really this simple its down to four defensive backs two high tier, high profile players in Patrick Surtain and Leon O'Neal. We are hearing on both of these its Clemson on the outside looking in. Hearing that Surtain will pick long time leader and favorite LSU. And O'Neal is down to Texas A&M and Alabama. Briefly after his Clemson visit O'Neal hinted it was Clemson leading for his services. But that was quickly eradicated with the A&M staff and influences around O'Neal and mentors got busy. Then the Alabama visit happened and now its down to the Tide and Aggies.

UPDATE 2/4/18 O’Neal Commits to TEXAS A&M as we believed he would.

Mario Goodrich and Family

Then comes Mario Goodrich the stud DB out of Missouri. It's down to the Tigers and Georgia with LSU and Nebraska still in the mix for the former Cornhusker commit . We have good intel on this one and can project Goodrich to Clemson as of this writing. Word is the deal was done after Swinney and staff made a visit to Missouri earlier this week on Monday. Since he has shut down his recruitment and did not take an visit anywhere this weekend. Look for Goodrich to sign with the Tigers of Clemson. We feel Clemson has put in a good case to Goodrich and his family and will win out over LSU and UGA on this one.

Mario Goodrich and dad along with DC Brent Venables and DB Coach Mike Reed

And finally there is late rising Georgia product Trevon Flowers. The late bloomer who has only one season of high school football under his belt was wow-ed on the visit to Clemson mid week and is fresh off a trip to Rocky Top to visit the Volunteers. This one is gonna come down to how the visit to Knoxville transpires, but can tell you Clemson staff felt very confident post his Clemson visit and going into this weekend they could add Flowers to this Class.

IF you asked us a % on this one.. Before He got to Knoxville 75% Clemson 25% Tenn. Since we are projecting him to Tennessee since it was UT that was first to offer an got the ball rolling with him and his de-commitment from Kentucky. The two sport star we feel is Knoxville bound.

Dax Hollifield:

this one has been interesting to say the least. With this staff reaching out to Hollifield and alerting him earlier in the recruiting year that there may not be room for him in this class. And thus sending the Shelby, NC product looking around for another school to call home. As Dax at one time was very keen on getting a Clemson offer.

He has been to VT, UNC and Stanford and those two are standing out as of today for his commitment. Word is that the Stanford trip was underwhelming and that UNC has picked up a lot of ground here in the last few weeks. Clemson has reached back out to Dax here in the past couple weeks with an offer and had the big time bruiser on Campus and his family shortly after. Clemson's last minute overtures here may not be enough to over come the months of disconnect here but you never know. If you asked us here, we feel in state UNC has made up huge ground and it's his fathers alma mater add to that VT and it's push here.

Clemson does have in it's favor the fact that Dax made an un-announced (to the Clemson staff) visit a couple weeks ago to hang with KJ Henry for his Birthday and hung out with the entire cast of characters that makes up the 2018 Class of early enrollees. Word is that visit made a huge impression on Dax as KJ his Shrine Bowl room mate has been pushing him to join him at Clemson.

Clemson if it would have been in it from the start (and not taken the 2 Lb Commits as early as they did) could have Dax already in the fold. Now this late and the way this all went down. Who knows. But we feel its a VT and Clemson at this point.... BUT we remind you, it's recruiting and nothing will ever surprise us. Just look at Jackson Carman as a great example!

Stay tuned the final pieces to this 2018 Class are about to be added and we can all look forward to learning the names of the 2019 Offers and start looking ahead another year! Happy Signing Day!

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