Recap of Dabo Swinney Press Conference Georgia Southern Game

RECAP Dabo Press conference 9/11/18

Dabo Swinney held his weekly press conference this morning and as always C-S-N was there to document all the news and info coming out of the Alan Reeve’s Football Complex.

Coach Swinney started with his opening remarks and reminded the media gathered there that “Every week is kind of a season of its own”. He also stated “Lot of very positive things from the first two games” and that he was “excited to see us continue to work and improve” .

The most obvious question on everyone’s mind today was the weather and the looming forecast that is Hurricane Florence and her eventual affect on the game and as well the team, and players that have family in the affected areas. Swinney re-iterated that the team and coaches “talked about it yesterday” and that “making sure they know the resources are available to them “ concerning facilities and the necessities they may need in case of evacuation. Stating in the past players have had family come up to the university and stay with coaches families and using the facilities available here. Coach said they are monitoring the weather just like the rest of the world and adjustments would be made accordingly . Stay tuned as we will update this and the University’s reaction and how it will affect the game this week.

On playing Georgia Southern Swinney mentioned that the Eagles are “incredibly proud program six 1-AA Championships “ and recalled their performances against other 1-A teams “gone into the swamp and won” and “ went to Alabama and rushed for 300 yards” and reminded all that they are a “ team that will not be intimdated. “ When discussing their personnel he quipped “they have 7 guys from the state of SC” and “best player is their QB” . . . “really good player Werts “. . . “they are 2-0” and “11 guys on defense that startted 3/4 games last year and they good scheme that matches their offensive scheme” and discussing their defense and how they don’t alllow explosive plays. And brought up the fact they “given up zero piints in the 4th quarter” and had only given up “1 explosive play in 2 games”.

See here the Presser in its entirety:

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