Dabo Swinney Press Conference Duke: RECAP

Dabo Swinney Press Conference Duke: RECAP

Coach Dabo Swinney held his weekly press conference on Tuesday inside the Reeve’s Football Facility. Coach Swinney was there to discuss the upcoming game with the Duke Blue Devils (7-3)(3-3 ACC) and his Clemson Tigers (10-0) (7-0ACC). The game due to take place inside Memorial Stadium on Saturday night with a 7 pm kickoff live on ESPN. The Tigers look to go undefeated in the conference with a win over Duke on Senior Day and Military Appreciation Day.

Dabo started with his prepared statement and went as follows. . . “Excited to finish our season at home. . . Excited about a night game in the valley . . . Senior day is gonna be awesome I know we will have a great crowd to come out and tip their hat to these guys” On some of the superlatives that can be reached this week... “Renfrow has a chance to make history with one catch...Lotta neat things in play for these seniors this week. .. Really excited about the game military appreciation”.

Swinney then went on to discuss this week’s opponent and as expected he is very impressed with the Blue Devil’s and what they are bringing to Death Valley this weekend. “Duke is 7-3 first of all let me just say this, David Cutcliffe is as good a coach as there is in the country “ . . .” We haven’t played Duke in quite a while ... This is a good Football team a well-coached football team. . . Looking at them offensively their QB is spectacular...He’s 6’5 he’s 220 he is accurate and has a great arm strength...Everything goes through him” On the supporting cast with Jones “Surrounded by some really good players..#3 is quick as a hiccup....Very cohesive in the offensive line”.

Then Dabo went on to speak on the Duke defense. “Very well positioned and will challenge you ... Well coordinated group defensively that is rarely out of position”

One challenge the Tigers face with this 7-3 Duke squad “They have 4 road wins including one of those at Northwestern “On Senior Night and what it means to him and his players “ Enjoyed all my time with them know I’ll have relationships with them the rest of my lives ...Been a ton of fun being with them it will be a special night ...these guys all gonna be graduates”.

On what it matters to see this group grow to fruition. . . “It all matters, when they were freshmen there was a group of jr’s and sr’s that did something...These freshman that are here are competing with that senior class” And on the accomplishments of this Senior Class” This will be like 4th or 5th class in a row leaving as the winningest class ever... .cohesive group. Real close group. Strong veteran guys good leaders. “

On the adversity this team has faced in 2018 Swinney mentioned “We’ve had our share of adversity think our guys have handled it well... .you have seen our team respond “

On the depth and play of key freshman this season “Just trying to take advantage of the pieces that we have ...they are rare guys... things you can build off of it ...My deepest team on paper... our depth has played out like I thought it would” “We played a ton of guys been able to withstand an injury here or there “

See the entire Dabo Swinney Press Conference here:

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